What exactly is an escape room?

       An escape room is a live game where you are locked in a series of rooms from which you try to escape in the allotted time limit by figuring out clues, codes, and problems presented to you in hidden and open areas.

What is the recommended age group?

       We designed our games for 12 and older, youth under 15 years of age we do require an adult to accompany them in the same group.

How long is the game?

      Each room has its time marked beneath the description on the website. Usually 60 minutes, but we have some mini games in development.

​How do I pay for a specific time?

       It's simple! Click on the book now button beneath the room of your choice and be whisked away to our secure booking service with times and room availability.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

    We're sorry but there are no refunds once your time slot has been paid for.

What time should we arrive for our game?

       Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time.​

​How many Players per room??​

      We are starting with only 1 room now requiring 4 people Minimum, no more than 6 per Game.

What if some of our party arrives late?

    We are running our room with only a small break between appointments to allow us to reset the game, if one person is late they may enter with you when they arrive, but if the whole group is late you may not be able to play the game or your play time may be lessened.  Once a room is booked there are no refunds due to the fact that you have agreed to that time slot.

Can we just show up and play?

       You can stop in and play, but only if space is available.

Can we play the same room more than once?

​       If you have booked the room for back to back playing times you can play the game again, or you may come back to try again.  Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for any prizes that may be offered to our winners if you have played before.